Welcome to my new blog!

This is my new blog where I will try to post about projects, paper and stuff I think might be useful to others from time to time.

I only became aware of the ease of use and capabilities of Github Pages very recently thanks to Jeremy Howard’s blog template from fast.ai. After I found this out, I started to dig in a little bit deeper.

Some hours later, after research on existing templates (check Jekyll Themes and this Github Repo for example) and working on a first personalized version, I managed to upload my website.

Rachel Thomas talks in her blog post about reasons for blogging and says

You are best positioned to help people one step behind you.

I do very much agree with her and think, that you do not need to be an expert, to help other people learn. Your novel point of view or new approach for an explanation might turn out to be very useful to someone out there.

In addition to explanatory posts, I will try to post some updates on current projects, additional material to papers and just stuff I think can be useful for others.

I hope you enjoy reading and I am looking forward to any comments.