Literature Review: Computer Vision Applications in Transportation Logistics and Warehousing

by Alexander Naumann, Felix Hertlein, Laura Dörr, Steffen Thoma, Kai Furmans.
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Computer vision applications in transportation logistics and warehousing have a huge potential for process automation. We present a structured literature review on research in the field to help leverage this potential. All literature is categorized w.r.t. the application, i.e. the task it tackles and w.r.t. the computer vision techniques that are used. Regarding applications, we subdivide the literature in two areas: Monitoring, i.e. observing and retrieving relevant information from the environment, and manipulation, where approaches are used to analyze and interact with the environment. In addition to that, we point out directions for future research and link to recent developments in computer vision that are suitable for application in logistics. Finally, we present an overview of existing datasets and industrial solutions. We conclude that while already many research areas have been investigated, there is still huge potential for future research. The results of our analysis are also available online at